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Voting is a core part of our democracy, though we know millions of Americans face significant obstacles when registering to vote and actually casting their ballots. As healthcare providers, we have a duty to our patients to help overcome these barriers. The health of our democracy depends on the ability of ALL people to vote. Voting is key to achieving a health equitable country.







Nonpartisan, in-person voter registration drives are common at healthcare clinics and hospitals throughout the country. However, with the shift to telehealth given the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s less opportunity for this type of patient voter registration.


Doctors For A Healthy US, LLC, is piloting a patient portal communication & telehealth voter registration system for patients at a publicly funded hospital in the United States. Stay tuned, as we’ll soon be rolling this model out to clinics and hospital systems throughout the country!


The following are nonpartisan voter registration links:



VoteRiders is a nonpartisan organization that provides information on voter ID requirements by state:



Do you need help getting your state’s required voter ID? Contact VoteRiders via phone (844-338-8743) or email (, and they’ll help you through the process.


Nonpartisan, in-person voter registration drives for patients have been successful in the past! Check out some examples here:

Articles on Successful Voter Registration Drives
for Patients

Are you interested in hosting an in-person or virtual voter registration drive at your clinic? Contact us for more information!