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Relational organizing is the process by which individuals harness their personal and professional relationships to engage in interpersonal communication with the goal of effecting community change. 

Our Ambassadors engage in non-confrontational, values-based conversations with their colleagues, family, friends, and broader community networks, and the goal of these conversations is to encourage voters to consider how their values inform who they’ll vote for in November 2020. The underlying message is that Joe Biden is the 2020 presidential candidate who is truly committed to the health of our nation’s communities.


In the midst of such a polarized time in our society, we are committed to healing & unification, not further division. Thus, many of these conversations will entail the communication skills of crafting questions, indirect messaging, and understanding across divides.




We ask that you report out your daily relational organizing on Twitter or Instagram! This may include a Tweet with the # of difficult conversations you’ve had today, an inspiring quote from a conversation, a photo of someone you spoke with (as long as they’ve given CONSENT for the photo to be posted, and it’s also NOT a patient), and more! Tweet @OurHealthyUS to tell us what you love about relational organizing, and use #HealthyUS.

Check out the video trainings & resources below for your first step towards engaging in relational organizing!


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Outline for a First Dialogue

Essential Partners

Moving Beyond Partisan Polarization: Some First Steps

Essential Partners

Reaching Across the Divide

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Sample Questions for Divisive Issues

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Eleven Tips for Making a Hard Conversation Work

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Join our virtual workshops to build and practice the skills needed to engage in non-confrontational, value-based discussions -- that is, relational organizing for social change! 

Explore more resources to build your relational organizing skills here.