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November 7, 2020

For months, our incredible team has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of a better future—a future with equitable healthcare, a world built on equality and justice, and a society upholding the rights and empowerment of every American. So many days, so many nights, we waited for the moment where we would know if we were successful, if our work would ultimately be fruitful. We pushed through not only one of the most tumultuous campaigns in American history, but also through one of the most strenuous and difficult election weeks, as we—alongside tens of millions of Americans—waited anxiously for answers that felt as if they would never come. Yet, at 11:26 on the morning of November 7th, we had the indescribable experience of learning of the election of Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris.


When we began this journey, we knew that the fight would be far from easy—that it would take all of us giving everything we had to end the tenure of the most dangerous President in American history. And yet, day after day, we continued to be beyond impressed by what we saw in ourselves and in our peers. We saw people facing a path of uncertainty and of strife and marching straight into it. We saw people whom this administration had turned their backs on and excluded from its vision of society becoming unafraid to fight back and work towards a society of equality and justice. We saw Americans from every walk of life, every side of the aisle, every background we could imagine, coming together with the intent of defining without doubt the nation that we want to be, and making clear that messages of hate, injustice, and bigotry should have no place in our society. The members of our team, and the countless Americans we have had the good fortune to interact with, have not only earned this victory—they have earned their permanent marks on the course of our nation’s history.


There still remains so much work to be done—counting continues in many races across the country, and the January runoffs in Georgia will likely determine control of the Senate. We also now face the second part of the fight for equity—creating, passing, and implementing the policy that will drive us to a healthier, stronger, more unified nation. Trumpism today faced its most defining defeat, yet it is up to us to ensure that it never again has the opportunity to take root against the American greatness—the greatness of inclusion, of democracy, and of equality—that so many lives have been lived and given for. We must ensure that the calls within our nation for progress and change go beyond this momentous day, and never grow quiet so long as inequality remains present in our society. Our celebration will be one of hope and love… the biggest challenge we face is to make sure that this hope and this love never falls behind us or the American people.


Today, it became clear: love will trump hate, truth will trump lies, kindness will trump anger, and unity will trump division. We made it clear that the American nation is one of inclusion, of acceptance, of tolerance, and of love. We made it clear that our democracy is stronger than the evil-willed attempts of extremists to topple it. We made it clear that each and every person of this country and of this world deserves the opportunity to experience equality, to seek prosperity, and to live with safety and with comfort and with hope under this enduring ideal of American freedom. 


We stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us—of Rep. John Lewis, of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, of Sen. John McCain, and so many more—who lived their lives in the pursuit of a better America. We stand empowered by those giving so much now to drive our nation forward—of those who organized and registered voters, who built social movements of equality and justice, who saw that the American dreams we have been chasing for nearly 250 years are so far ahead of us but are worth fighting for with everything we have. We stand as the clouds begin to break above the era of darkness and pain that has weighed down so many for these last four years, and as behind them shines a sunrise we had dreamed for so long of seeing with our own eyes. It is a sun rising with hope, a sun rising with love, a sun rising with an undying attempt to secure those fundamental American ideals which continue to inspire so many to stand up, speak out, and try to secure.


Today, we get to stand in this sunrise, Americans side-by-side, and the dreams of this future may now be a reality. The work will continue, the fight will carry on—but today, we get to smile as President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris etch their names into our common history.


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